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Lionfish Tech Advisors Report: ANTICIPATING THE UNSEEN:

Elevating Cyber Defense with

Silent Push Preemptive Threat


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This Lionfish Tech Advisors Report, titled "Anticipating the Unseen: Elevating Cyber Defense with Silent Push Preemptive Threat Intelligence," authored by Brad LaPorte, a Gartner veteran and industry expert, provides a comprehensive evaluation of the evolving cyber threat landscape and the necessity for advanced threat intelligence solutions. As cyber threats grow in quantity, sophistication, and frequency, traditional security measures are proving inadequate, necessitating a pivot towards predictive defense mechanisms capable of identifying unknown threats before they manifest. The report underscores the impact of generative AI in lowering barriers for cybercriminals and highlights the critical need for Preemptive Threat Intelligence (PTI). By exploring PTI's methodologies and its role in modern cybersecurity, the report focuses on how Silent Push, a U.S.-based threat intelligence vendor, leverages PTI to offer a proactive approach to cyber defense. The aim is to provide clear and actionable insights, enabling organizations to enhance their cybersecurity strategies and mitigate the risks posed by emerging cyber threats.

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