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Lionfish Tech Advisors Report:

The Mnemonic Advantage

A Detailed Examination of 20 Years of MDR Excellence

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This Lionfish Tech Advisors Report, titled "The Mnemonic Advantage A Detailed Examination of 20 Years of MDR Excellence," authored by Brad LaPorte, a Gartner veteran and industry expert, provides This Lionfish Tech Advisors Evaluation Report provides an in-depth analysis of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, with a particular focus on what we are calling High-Touch MDR services. The report offers a comprehensive overview of the MDR market, highlighting current trends and future directions. It includes a thorough evaluation of what a high-quality MDR service should offer, detailing each core and enhanced offering and examining solution characteristics that impact financial performance, scalability, customer satisfaction, as well as many other key success criteria. The aim is to deliver clear and actionable recommendations, enabling organizations to efficiently and effectively navigate the cybersecurity landscape and choose the best High-Touch MDR solution to meet their specific needs.

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